Physiotherapy works with injured animals, or animals with movement problems, to help reduce pain and improve their health.

Physical Therapy for Animals

Our therapy’s can treat a broad spectrum of conditions whether it be performance, medical or surgically related with our goals.

  • Reduce pain
  • Regain full joint range of movement
  • Restore and enhance strength
  • Regain full functionality
  • Form a relevant exercise plan to avoid re-injury

What can Physiotherapy treat?‚Äč

By applying the concept of human sports medicine techniques, the field of animal physiotherapy has advanced significantly with proven benefits and measurable results. By applying non invasive, external energy, the metabolic repair of tissue, the circulatory system and pain response can be positively affected.

Animal Physiotherapy treatments are a proven therapy in treating a wide range of conditions including :

  • Muscular, orthopaedic, neurological conditions
  • Arthritis and degenerative joint conditions
  • Soft tissue injuries, proud flesh and post operative care and rehabilitation
  • Acute and chronic pain and inflammation
  • Groin, tendon and ligament strain
  • Sore shins, splints and conformation issues
  • Bacterial and skin infections
  • Gait and movement difficulties
  • Behavioural issues relating to back, neck, shoulder and hindlimb pain
  • To improve quality of life
  • Increase performance or prevent injury

Whether your animal is recovering from surgery, has been diagnosed with degenerative joint condition, is in pain or discomfort, has dropped in performance or had developed abnormal behaviour, physiotherapy is a none invasive method of treatment providing the optimum conditions for the animal to heal naturally and efficiently.