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Having ridden ponies since the age of 4 years old, a career working with animals was inevitable. Alongside studying, Hannah worked within equine rehabilitation often falling in love with her patients and re-homing them herself. Over the years Hannah has re-homed 4 racehorses who have all gone on to enjoy a second career in dressage.

After completing a degree in Animal Science, Hannah went on to work in practice in a veterinary nursing capacity furthering her knowledge in both small and equine veterinary care.

Undertaking the course in Animal Physiotherapy was a natural progression for Hannah who now has a strong career within racing, competition and companion horses, working and agility dogs and family pets.

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Whether your animal is recovering from surgery, has been diagnosed with degenerative joint condition, is in pain or discomfort, has dropped in performance or had developed abnormal behaviour, physiotherapy is a none invasive method of treatment providing the optimum conditions for the animal to heal naturally and efficiently.