Case Study And Protocol’s


The patient is a 5 year old large show horse who developed a split on his off fore. Initially the horse underwent a course of laser therapy with little success. He then underwent a course of shockwave which was also unsuccessful. He has surgery but once healed the split reappeared.

The horse was never lame, however, due to being a show horse his career would have been over unless it could be significantly reduced.


Treatment consisted of 10 treatments. The first 6 treatments were carried out twice weekly. The final 4 treatments were carried out once a week.

Protocols for treatments 1 – 4

Time: 5 minutes, Power output: 5%

Time: 10 minutes, Power output: 5%

Protocols for weeks 5 & 6 (heat was added to create some inflammation)

Time: 5 minutes, Power output: Up to 15%

Time: 10 minutes, Power output: Up to 15%

Protocol for treatments 7, 8, 9 10 (less heat but kept it active)

Time: 5 minutes, Power output: 10%

Time: 10 minutes, Power output: 10%


Exercise had been restricted as to avoid aggravating the splint, however, after session 4 exercise was re-introduced. Only walking on hard surfaces initially. Trot work could be done on a surface. Exercise increased gradually until he returned to his usual level of work.

Rear view

Front view

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She also works with competition, show and companion dogs and farm animals.

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